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The need for a Code of Ethics in private security can be justified on several bases.

To emphasize the need for ethcal conduct and performance on the part of the security guard.

First, people engaged in private security have almost constant exposure to human frailties, the moral weaknesses that result in violations of law and of the rights and property of others.

Private security personnel must, therefore, be cognizant of what constitutes a moral or legal trans- gression; they must appreciate the seriousness of the judgments they are frequently called upon to make; and they must have some guidelines to assist them in making those judgments.

Second, the emergence of private security as a significant element in crime prevention dictates that its role, as well as the conduct and performance expected of its members, be properly defined.

Third, since private security personnel often make decisions which affect the safety and protection of many, a Code of Ethics would clearly assist them in recognizing the scope of their responsibilities and the importance of their roles.

Finally, many private security organizations and associations have established Codes of Ethics which apply to their specific functions, and this is perhaps the most convincing evidence of the need for a Code of Ethics that is applicable to all groups in the private security field (Code of Ethics for Private Security Management and Private Security Employees).

The nature and extent of crime in UK

To develop an understanding of what constitutes a crime and to provide a general overview of the problems of crime and delinquency with an emphasis on their affect on business.

Our security guards uk will, at some point in their career, be faced with situations in which a determination must be made as to the appropriate legal action to be taken, such as calling the police, detaining a suspect, or making an arrest.

To prevent improper acts which could result in a liability suit against the guard and/or his employer, our guards understand what constitutes a crime according to the appropriate criminal law so that he may be more specific in relaying information to and working with public law enforcement.

The cost of security guards can vary massively in any area
The cost of security guards can vary massively in any area

Qualities essential for Firecore Security Guard to protect UK Business

To develop an understanding of an appreciation for those personal traits essential to an effective UK security guard.

Our security guards, by the very nature of his position, publicly represents the organization for which he works. He is the first representative whom employees and visitors will meet.

Our security guard service are realize the importance of his position, the need for a positive attitude, good appearance, good personal hygiene, and above all, conduct appropriate for this position. In addition, the personal characteristics required for this position should be discussed.

The responsibilities for our security guard require that he be honest, impartial, and dependable. He must be able to accept and follow orders and understand that his responsibility to enforce rules and regulations gives him no special privileges.

The criminal justice system

To acquaint the security guard with the criminal justice system and the interaction of the guard with various components of the system.

Although not a component of the criminal justice system, Firecore security guard plays an important role in crime prevention. To better enable him to understand his role representing a private organization and to improve his working relations with, rather than hinder, criminal justice officials, the guard needs to have a basic understanding of the components and responsibilities of the criminal justice system; the police, courts, and corrections

With this basic understanding of the system, the guard’s interaction with public law enforcement and the courts must be explained with the prevention aspects of security stressed.

The procedures for the guard’s interaction with criminal justice officials, i.e., reporting of crimes or suspicious activity should be explained. Organizational policies regarding prosecution of offenders and interaction with law enforcement should be explained.

The security guard’s role in crime prevention and interaction with the criminal justice system

  1. Deterrent effect
  2. Detection and reporting of crime to law enforcement
  3. Testifying in court
The tireless search for quality in Security Services
The tireless search for quality in Security Services

Personnel Security

To orient the guard to the basic principles of personnel security.

A major responsibility of our guards is the protection of employees while at work. Serious incidents of crimes against employees or their property will be a detriment to employee morale and therefore must be a concern of the security unit.

On the other hand, theft by employees should be prevented or detected by the security unit and such incidents should be handled with care and discretion to prevent a detrimental effect on the general employee attitude toward security procedures and personnel.

Criminal threats to employees

  • Physical assault
  • Vandalism or theft of personal property
  • Con games

Employee theft

  • For personal use
  • For resale

Aceess control procedures

Access control is one of the tenets of assets protection and a prime responsibility of the security guard in uk.

To successfully perform this task, our guard understand why access control is important, who and what is permitted to enter and leave the facility under different circumstances and the types of passes or personnel identification to be utilized.

When known, organizational policies concerning access control will be reviewed. In addition, the need for tact, discretion, and courtesy must be emphasized. Firecore guards understand how his approach and attitude toward access control will affect employees and other persons whose movement he may be restricting or delaying.

Note taking/Report writing by our security guards

To detail those situations or incidents our security guards they take notes and report upon and the proper methods for keeping notes and preparing reports.

 While the physical presence of a security guard serves as a deterrent to crime, the findings and observations of the guard on patrol will only contribute to the success of the security program if the information is properly recorded and presented.

To do this, our guard take proper information to be collected for the different situations he may face, the appropriate format in which to present the information and the appropriate disposition of his reports.

The future use of his report by other individuals, such as security investigators, law enforcement or management, should be explained to illustrate the importance of neat, clear, to-the-point, and objective reports.

Fire prevention and Control

Primary duties of a security guard include fire prevention, detection, and control.

Fire is a major hazard to any facility the guard may be assigned to protect your business. The total losses due to fire are potentially devastating to an organization and its assets. Therefore, our security guard they fully understand the importance of his fire prevention responsibilities for your business.

Guards Patrol

With the majority of guard hours spent on patrol, our guard are fully aware of his responsibilities for the prevention and detection of security violations. It is during this activity that the guard performs his primary objectives of crime and loss prevention and fire detection.

In addition, for those incidents involving criminal activity, firecore guards know the proper methods and procedures to protect a crime scene to prevent the loss or destruction of evidentiary material prior to its collection by investigative or law enforcement personnel.

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