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Security measures to protect the building: why it is worth investing in a video CCTV system

Security measures to protect the building: why it is worth investing in a video CCTV system

Regardless of the area where the building in which we live is located, it is unlikely that it will be protected from the risk of unwanted guests. Beyond the security measures that each tenant takes, it is very important that the entire building is sheltered. A video CCTV system is a life-saving tool in identifying potential perpetrators of property theft, but, above all, it discourages a lot of offensive acts. Not only burglary attempts can be prevented, but also acts of vandalism or visits at inappropriate times, by people who do not live in the building.

What are the key points that need to be monitored

The need for security is a general one, but the particularities of each building dictate the composition of the security system for which each association of tenants will opt. Thus, if the building has two access roads, the staircase will be equipped, on the ground floor, with two CCTV cameras. It is ideal for the radius of one of them to include the elevator area. The elevator house is another point where it can be seen that CCTV is necessary, along with the staircase leading to the 1st floor, as well as the perimeter around the room dedicated to the residents’ association. In the case of all these areas, the consent of the majority of the association is required, and the exact number of devices to be installed will be decided only after the vote exercised as a result of an assembly of the members of the association. Also, the presence of these equipments will be signaled by easily visible posters, announcing from the entrance the fact that the enclosure is video-surveilled.

The levels of the block represent the next level of security that an association of owners can ensure. The possibility to identify exactly the floor where an attempted burglary or any other crime could have taken place entails a special responsibility of the association. Thus, for mounting a video camera system on the floors of the building, the consent of all owners is required, and the orientation of the devices must be done carefully at the time of installation, so that their viewing angle does not specifically include the door of any apartment. . The notion of condominium also implies the parking area, intended exclusively for the members of the owners’ association. Thus, when installing CCTV cameras intended for the exterior, they will be oriented so as not to capture images with the sidewalk, respectively with the roadway, elements that are subject to regulations intended for the public domain.

What types of camcorders are available

The safety of the tenants is in good hands only when the equipment used for the video CCTV of people, goods and values ​​fully meets the characteristics of each area. The defining criterion according to which the association will be guided is that of the destination of the video cameras. The outdoor ones offer special functions, through which the weather effect can be compensated, while the indoor video cameras complete the security package with images in Full HD resolution. At a time when uncertainties are also affecting freedom of movement, thermal video cameras guarantee extra security for those who visit the common areas and apartments in the block. Data storage is done with the help of a SATA type HDD, up to 6TB, with the possibility of online backup.

Indoor CCTV systems

With a number of video cameras between 2 and 8, these CCTV’s systems cover a perimeter of up to 50 meters. The resolutions offered by the devices intended for use inside the block vary between 2 and 5 megapixels, and the possibility of capturing images in the infrared spectrum is an important support in the case of poorly lit block stairs.

Exterior CCTV systems

Like indoor CCTV systems, those intended for the exterior of the building offer a minimum of 2 video cameras, but can reach up to no less than 16. The resolution can reach, in the case of some models, the 4K standard, and the monitored perimeter can it was even 360 degrees. The motion detection function and night vision make these camcorders the perfect ally against intruders.

Thermal surveillance systems

AI technology allows the use of video CCTV cameras, including for the thermal detection of people or vehicles. Useful in a context where body temperature can reveal, in real time, important risks for the occupants of a block, these surveillance systems offer functions such as fire detection, smoke detection, traces of hot or cold and comply with the protection standard. IP67, which guarantees protection from rain and dust, as well as operation between -30 ° C and + 60 °.

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