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Security on site with security guards Birmingham

Security on site with security guards in Birmingham

When we talk about Construction Stes in Birmingham, we have to keep in mind an extremely important aspect. How to manage and ensure the materials used to complete the initial projects. The Security Company must provide both the work area and the equipment, as well as the materials used on site.

For any type of ongoing project, it does not matter the size of the construction site as long as the security plan is properly implemented.

In all Construction Sites, specific equipment is extremely important and valuable, which is why it must be constantly monitored. Because they cannot always be transported and stored in areas considered safe, the equipment and machinery often remain in the area of the work objective. Thus they are exposed to major risks.

What are the benefits of security on site with security guards?

  • Management for Access Control. We know who enters, we know who leaves;
  • Protecting the property and preventing the acquisition of work materials or equipment both by the persons who are part of the work teams and by authorized third parties who have access;
  • Prevention of crimes that may occur on site, for example vandalism and theft;
  • Promptness in response to emergencies;
  • Prevention of altercations and unforeseen situations.

Site Security – Useful Tips:

1) Securing the perimeter

Hiring a security company with security agents can evaluate the size of the site and can find the best customized security solution.

Recommended, the use of static and mobile security agents (tour guard), access control at the entrance gates, perimeter protection, installation of security systems and surveillance cameras. Site safety planning is essential for preventative measures against theft and robbery.

Speaking of security agents, they are the indispensable protection supplement for site security. By supervising the site through periodic patrols, any undue facts that may occur in the work area can be signaled.

The good delimitation of the site perimeter is the most important security element. Depending on the period of operation of the works on the site, we can opt for fencing the area with different types of fence:

  • from the net,
  • of sheet metal or concrete slabs,
  • made of barbed wire
  • fence with perimeter sensors.

All instruments and equipment must be accounted for and kept in a safe location. A good security of the perimeter will discourage thieves and will make it difficult for strangers to enter the site.

2) Light up your site

A dark place does nothing but attract thieves and will turn the site into a safe target.

A thief who operates in the dark, in addition to the fact that he will carry out his activity without hindrance, will also be difficult to catch.
Proper site lighting is one of the most important advantages against thieves

3) Install your deterrent signs

Construction Security-Site-Signs
Construction Security-Site-Signs

Location of information signs:

  • “Video surveillance is in use on these premises”
  • “All visitors must report to security”
  • “Construction Site / Keep Out”
  • “This Building is Under 24 Hour Surveilance”
  • “Be Aware! This is a security patroled area”
  • “Warning / CCTV cameras/security guards montior this site”
  • “Access of unauthorized persons strictly prohibited”
  • “Site in construction”

The markings with the insignia of the security company will indicate that the site is permanently supervised by security agents. They can be placed both around the site and on objects prone to theft.

4) Install surveillance cameras

Monitoring and intervention – Video surveillance systems act as another major deterrent for potential thieves. They allow you to observe irregularities in real time and act accordingly in a timely manner.

The monitoring will ensure a good management of the equipment and materials used. Taking care of all the goods on your site is a priority and only through a correct administration of tools, equipment and materials, you reduce the risk of theft. The level of security should not be compromised due to challenging environments.

As a conclusion, now that you understand the basics of site safety, evaluate your options and make an informed decision.

If you are a site administrator interested in hiring a security service or if you would like to share this information with your site manager, please contact us for more information and to obtain a quote.

Given that security on construction sites with security agents ensures millions of liability, concluding a security contract brings long-term benefits.

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