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Security services for factories

Security services for factories

We all know that for a successful business, any owner or factory administrator must invest time and funds in the field of activity he has chosen to use, a field from which he makes a profit and generates, complementary, jobs.

From the point of view of physical security, regardless of the field of activity, risks must be assumed and unforeseen events must be stopped, which can degrade the business or even lead to huge losses from an economic and administrative point of view.

Below are some examples of thefts that have had or could have had serious consequences on the integrity, operation and image of companies with production lines:

Employees accused of stealing 200,000 € Lamborghini dies
$ 37 million in copper theft

In the approach of security services for factories, in the first phase the Risk Assessment for physical security is performed, a condition strictly necessary for the submission for approval of the security plan.

The risk assessment process mainly comprises the following phases:

  • setting the context
  • risk identification
  • risk analysis
  • risk estimation
  • risk management

If you own a factory and want the activities to take place safely and at the end of the work schedule, everything will be in order, the staff will work safely and the products and stocks will remain intact, the location requires 24 hours a day.

Security services for factories. Firecore Secure places special emphasis on:

  • Protecting existing investments, assets and resources;
  • Development of new projects in terms of security;
  • Offering the best quality services, within the legislative standards in force;

A constant state of vigilance on the part of the security team by delivering the best quality security services can improve the financial future of the factory you own, your assets and, in some cases, can save your life.

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