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Looking For Security Services In Birmingham?


Firecore Secure is one of the top security services in Birmingham. We have provided reliable security solutions for over 10 years. If you manage a construction site, retail store, warehouse, or event venue, you know how important security is to your business. 

More than 1 in 5 recorded crimes in the Birmingham area are committed against businesses (Source: West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner).

A security system can prevent your business from falling victim to crime. Birmingham is a growing city, and a growing population comes with more potential for trouble. From 2017 to 2018, there was a 17% increase in robberies in the West Midlands area (Source: West Midlands PCC Annual Report 2018-2019). There is a need for security services Birmingham to protect businesses and worksites from theft, damage, and workplace injury. 

Firecore Secure provides Birmingham security services that cater to your needs. We offer professional security teams and high-tech security and fire-safety solutions. Our goal is to keep you and your workers protected, at an affordable rate.

Why use professional security services in Birmingham?

A professional security service protects from a range of potential issues. A security system is an effective deterrent. When there’s a problem, it offers a rapid response solution. Safety and security is a valuable asset to your business. 

Our team at Firecore Secure protects against all types of hazards. We offer everything from mobile and canine patrols to CCTV monitoring and biometric access systems. We’re one of the leading security agencies Birmingham because of the range of services we offer. 

While many security companies cover theft and vandalism, we know that there’s more to workplace safety. We also consider fire hazards and staff safety. We’re one of the top Birmingham security services to guard against all potential issues. 

Deter and prevent crime

One of the benefits of a security system is to stop crime before it happens. Crimes such as theft, vandalism, and break-ins are preventable. Preventing rather than reacting to crime is safer for everyone involved. It also comes at a lower cost to your business. The presence of a branded security vehicle, uniformed security guards, and clear security signs work together to deter crime. 

Security services in Birmingham

On average, over 1000 incidents of shoplifting occur daily in the UK (Source: Checkpoint Systems UK). It’s estimated that the UK construction industry loses more than £400 million a year due to vandalism and theft (Source: CIOB Crime in the Construction Industry report). Theft and other types of crime are prevalent in every industry. 

Most security threats are widespread problems with simple solutions. Security guards, alarm systems, and CCTV monitoring are examples of security options that deter crime. 

Visual signs of security, such as cameras or a security guard, are enough to turn away most troublemakers. Many crimes occur when there is an easy target. You want to make your property look like more trouble than it’s worth. Investing in security reduces your chance of falling victim to opportunistic crimes. 

Provide professional help, when you need it

With a robust security system, help is always just moments away. Help can come from a trained security guard or an alarm system alerting you of an intruder. Firecore Secure is one of the top security agencies Birmingham that offers SIA-licensed security guards and 24/7 CCTV monitoring. 

A trained team is so important. You want to make sure you’re getting the right kind of help. A professional team can reduce potential damage or injury. Our team at Firecore Secure is experienced and highly trained, so you know there is always someone you can depend on.

Provide 24/7 Security Coverage 

A security system works around the clock. A combination of systems, such as CCTV monitoring, alarm systems, and mobile security patrols, assure that your property is protected all hours of the day. 

Beyond just protecting your staff, you want to protect valuable inventory and equipment. Inventory theft and damage to work equipment can cause huge financial loss to your business. A professional security service can provide 24/7 coverage to prevent these losses.

Damage doesn’t only occur because of other people. Trained security guards and monitoring systems also keep a lookout for potential fire or water damage. The damage from one fire or water incident can be devastating. Prevention is key to keeping your business and your workers safe. If you’re looking for 24/7, 365 days a year security services Birmingham, Firecore Secure has you covered. 

Protect staff and workers

A security system doesn’t just protect your business from theft and damage. It also protects your staff from workplace injury. Shockingly, over 100 retail employees are attacked at work every day (Source: British Retail Consortium survey). In the construction industry, 90% of workers report awareness of health and safety neglect at work (Source: CIOB Crime in the Construction Industry report).

Security guards and CCTV monitoring can help you keep an eye on operations and ensure safety. The presence of cameras or security guards encourage staff to follow workplace protocols. Security guards can help de-escalate any unruly customers so your staff feels safe at work. 

Biometric access systems can prevent workers from entering certain areas. This can improve workplace safety and rates of internal theft. 

Another danger in the workplace is fire. Fire safety is of the utmost importance to your business. Fire can quickly put workers in danger and destroy a construction site or property. A quick-alert system gives you and your staff peace of mind. Firecore Secure provides fire-safety systems and security services Birmingham, so you can trust one provider to keep your entire business safe. 

If you’re looking for security services Birmingham, Firecore Secure has you covered

We provide SIA-licensed security guards and high-tech systems to keep your business safe. Here are just some of the security options we offer: 

We offer bespoke security services in Birmingham. We are happy to create an affordable security plan that suits your unique needs. A multi-faceted, customized security plan will keep your business or worksite secure. 

Contact Firecore Secure today for a free quotation! 

Safety and security are integral to your business. Beyond just keeping your workers and property safe, a good security system gives you peace of mind. It allows you to run your business and get the job done, without expensive setbacks.  

We offer short term and long term security solutions across all industries. With over a decade of expertise, we spot potential risks to your business and create your ideal security system. Whether you need a mobile security patrol, construction site guards, or a warehouse security system, Firecore Secure has a solution for you. 

Here’s why Firecore Secure is the best security agency Birmingham: 

  • Over 10 years of experience in the security industry
  • A friendly customer service team
  • Affordable, bespoke security plans
  • 24/7, 365 days a year service
  • 24/7 security guards for construction sites and other properties
  • We provide nation-wide service, from the Birmingham area and beyond
  • We offer free quotations (Get started on yours today!)
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