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Construction site security

Optimal building site security with smart rapid deployment CCTV tower​

Our smart 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers are ideal for enhancing security on construction sites, vacant  properties and rail projects. As a specialist security provider, we understand the importance of delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising site protection. 

Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers are used as a highly visible deterrent, which helps you to prevent any intrusion and trespassing on to your site before it even occurs.

Our towers reduce the costs associated with on-site security by up to 86% by removing the need for the physical presence of security guards on your site. Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV tower is fully monitored by our dedicated NSI gold monitoring centre.

In case of any fire or attempted break-in, our NSI gold monitoring centre will:

Caution the unauthorised visitor with a remote audio challenge.

Call the relevant emergency services.

Alert our mobile patrol team who visit your site immediately and remain there until your authorised person arrives.

Complete an incident report that be provided to you the next morning.

Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV tower is an excellent stand-alone solution when it comes to protecting your site. Multiple CCTV towers can be interconnected to provide comprehensive large scale protection. Our mobile CCTV solution can easily be installed in remote or challenging locations and can be relocated according to the dynamics of your site. 


Advantages of CCTV Towers

  • Complete site security 24/7.
  • Extendable mast to help cover large areas.
  • Minimum false alarms with our smart detection system.
  • Audio system to challenge any intruder.
  • 360-degree intrusion detection.
  • Blue energy power pack provides a long-lasting power solution.
  • Additional rapid deployment towers can be added to provide extra coverage.
  • Excellent security solution for construction sites, vacant properties, rail and highway projects, utilities and infrastructure projects, etc.
  • Highly efficient and more cost-effective than traditional guarding services.
With traditional CCTV cameras, the wires can restrict their placement in some locations, leaving certain parts of your building unmonitored. Our smart 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers allow you to cover the entire site without compromising on safety or security.

Why choose FCS for your Rapid Deployment 24/7 Monitored CCTV Tower Provider?

Our smart 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers are installed and fully operational in just a matter of hours, ensuring that your site is monitored and protected. The Firecore Secure 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers is a comprehensive site security solution which delivers considerable reductions in cost. Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers are an ideal solution for temporary and semi-permanent sites. Even though our product is ideal for construction sites, it is also highly recommended for:

  • Car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Business parks
  • Retail parks
  • Industrial estates, etc. 

Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV tower is designed to provide a complete site security solution for construction sites. Our services are available in any location in the UK on a temporary basis, ideal for semi-permanent sites.

Our engineers install our towers quickly and efficiently. It is a simple and straightforward setup procedure which renders the towers operational within minutes. Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers are designed in such a way that they can be positioned in even the most inaccessible locations, providing 24/7 protection. Once our CCTV tower is set up, it runs smoothly and requires minimal maintenance.

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