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Some simple methods by which you can ensure the security of a construction site

Some simple methods by which you can ensure the security of a construction site

According to a study conducted by a well-known name in the field of insurance, on construction sites that are not equipped with security systems, equipment (excavators, compressors, compactors, cranes or construction materials) worth over 80 million are stolen annually. euro (study conducted in several European countries). This led to an increase in additional costs (renting other equipment with the staff served, loss of contracts due to non-compliance with deadlines and increasing the insurance policy) by almost one billion euros per year.

To help you avoid inconveniences, we have thought of some tips that, put into practice in a correct way, can get rid of many inconveniences.

Light up your construction site

Nothing attracts thieves more than a target in a dark place. A thief who operates in the dark, in addition to the fact that he will carry out his activity without hindrance, will also be difficult to catch. Thieves avoid approaching locations where they can be identified. Proper lighting of the construction site is one of the best means of defense against thieves and vandals.

Install CCTV cameras

A video system will certainly act as a major deterrent to potential thieves. If a more daring thief still dares to enter the secure perimeter, it allows you to observe him in real time and act promptly.

Ensure the security of the perimeter

The good delimitation of the perimeter of the construction site is one of the most important security elements. Depending on how long the site will operate, where it is located and what equipment is parked inside it, we can opt for a mesh fence, tin or concrete slabs, barbed wire or perimeter sensors. A good security of the perimeter will discourage thieves and will make the entrance to the site much more difficult.

Put markings to discourage thieves

Thieves do not want to be caught. The higher the chances of being caught, the more careful they are and the lower the chances that they will dare to steal. Therefore, put markings indicating that your site is secure. You can put these information plates both around the site and on the objects that can be stolen.

Hire a security company

A good security service provider will evaluate the site and create a customized security solution, created exactly to meet specific needs. In terms of site security, this can include, depending on many factors, a combination of static and mobile security guards, security and access control at the entrance gates, security fences, installation of security systems and their monitoring and much more. .

Use Firecore Secure services with confidence and we will definitely find the best security solution for your construction site.

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