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Some tips on CCTV camera placement

Areas where it is recommended to install CCTV cameras

To ensure the correct installation of video CCTV cameras, you must first think about which areas are most exposed to the events you need to monitor and which you can watch if something unpleasant has happened. Once you have established this, it will be very easy to determine the correct placement of video CCTV cameras.

Mainly, CCTV cameras have two roles:

  • Discouraging potential offenders from committing certain acts of violence, robbery, etc.
  • Identification of criminals or certain actions

In order for it to have a high chance of success, the CCTV cameras must be located as well as possible, in certain key points, namely:

  • Entry or exit points (from the house, from shops, etc.) – this is the main area where people entering a certain property can be identified.
  • Valuables – these are probably the main targets, they need to be monitored very well so that the respective camera (s) should capture as wide an angle as possible around these objects.
  • More secluded areas around the house or property, where criminals may be hiding before or after committing a crime
  • In the case of stores, the transaction area must also be supervised – at the house, for example

CCTV cameras must be mounted at an appropriate height and at points where they can capture as wide an image as possible. Be careful not to be in direct light because it can obscure vision and thus important details may be lost.

In addition, for discouragement, especially in stores, you can mount a monitor at the entrance where you can run images filmed by the camera that captures the entrance area to the store, so many will look at that monitor and realize that they were already filmed.

If you have CCTV cameras installed in other areas and you have noticed good results, you can share with us. )

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