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The Advantages of Different Types of Commercial Alarm Systems

When it comes to keeping your business secure and safe, you certainly have a lot of options available. After all, security devices now on the market are more sophisticated and more high-tech than ever before, and whether your business is small or large, retail or corporate, you can easily find security devices that can accommodate you. Fortunately, there are many different types of alarm systems for commercial businesses, and each has its own advantages and benefits. In fact, many people choose one or more alarm systems to remain as safe and protected as possible, so if you’re exploring commercial alarm systems, don’t forget to take a look at the ones discussed below.

Access Control Systems

If you have a business that deals with confidential information, you might want to consider an access control system. These keyless entry systems require that everyone entering the building enter a code before being let in, and they are perfect because you can give each employee his or her own code that won’t be shared by anyone else. You can even delete a person’s access code if someone quits or is fired so that person cannot come into your facility when they no longer have the right to.

Access control systems are easy to operate even if you’re not tech-savvy because most of what you’ll need to do can be done via a computer. Perfect for all types of businesses, these systems are super advanced these days and can be personalised to meet the needs of your business, so they can be individualised for your business whether that business involves confidential documents, special projects, or even confidential products that are not yet ready to be released to the public. Lots of businesses centre around confidential products and services, and the right access control system will allow only authorised people into the building to protect whatever is inside.

Fire Detection Systems

Of all the commercial alarm systems, this one is one of the most important. Fires are extremely dangerous and destroy thousands of businesses every year, but these systems will automatically call the fire station sooner rather than later so that the damages can be minimised. Best of all, fire detection systems are extra-sensitive and sound an alarm as soon as a fire starts, allowing the monitoring centre to call you so that you know what’s going on and immediately contact the fire department so that they are soon on their way. If you are away from the business and a fire starts, this immediate contact with the fire department can greatly reduce the damages to the facility, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

But of course, fire detection systems do more than that – they also have the potential to save a lot of lives every year, making this a crucial piece of equipment for your home or business. When you’re designing your security package, you shouldn’t forget a high-quality fire detection system.

Live Monitoring Centres

When the company you’re working with offers 24/7 live monitoring for your business, you come out the winner because you’ll know your facility is going to be watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a retail business, an art gallery, or a business that deals mostly in cash, a live monitoring centre makes sure you get top-notch security every minute of every day. If an alarm goes off in your business, they’ll call you first to make sure everything is alright, but if they don’t reach you, they’ll call the authorities for you. 

Best of all, these centres work with all of your security systems, from basic alarms for your doors and windows to CCTVs and anything else you might be utilising to protect your facility. Having an experienced professional who is monitoring your business 24/7 saves you both time and money and allows you to concentrate on other business-related tasks. Without worrying about the safety of your facility, you are simply free to think about other things.

Security Systems

Basic security systems are simple to use because they include special devices attached to your doors and windows, which sound an alarm whenever the door or window is opened. Coupled with a motion detector and a keypad for you to log in your code when entering and leaving the business, these complete sets work together to make sure every window, door, and hallway is well-secured in case someone tries to break in. The systems can be hard-wired or wireless, and they come with extra accessories such as key fobs, glass break protectors, and a few others so that operating the system is even more convenient.

If you link your security system with an offsite live monitoring centre, you will be notified immediately once an alarm goes off, and if the centre doesn’t reach you, they’ll automatically notify the authorities. If someone is trying to break into your office or business, time is of the essence, so these monitoring systems work wonders and provide you with great peace of mind every time. Especially if your business involves large amounts of cash, you’ll want to keep it secured 24 hours a day, and that’s what these security systems do best. 

Specialised Sensors

There are also specialised sensors you can install in your business and which also can be monitored 24/7 by the monitoring company. These sensors are most often used to detect things such as carbon monoxide and other toxic gasses, and they are especially important if you have a retail business and you see members of the public every day. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep employees, clients, and customers safe while they’re inside of your facility, and these sensors make doing this super easy.

Many of the monitors are even wireless, while some are hard-wired, which means you have options when it comes to the type of sensors you want. With most of them, all you do is plug them in and they’ll let you know immediately if there is a problem, allowing you to fix the problem right away.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems usually consist of closed-captioned television (CCTV) systems, which operate around the clock and keep an eye on everything that is going on in and around your facility. If these are used in conjunction with live monitoring stations, they work best because the trained experts at these stations can automatically notify the authorities when they notice any type of suspicious activity. This means help will arrive immediately before the damages become too great, which saves all businesses tons of money. CCTV systems provide very clear pictures that aren’t fuzzy in the least, and they come in all sizes so that they are personalised to your needs.

CCTVs can also be placed strategically all around the facility so that everything can be watched and recorded, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Companies such as FCS will help you choose the right cameras for your particular business, and they can also help you choose other security devices so they all work together to provide you with the ultimate in security and safety, allowing you to concentrate on other things for a change. Even better, they are there to provide you with a free quote anytime you like. When choosing security devices for your business, starting with CCTV systems is always a smart choice.

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