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The best methods of securing commercial spaces

Protecting commercial space is essential to limit crime and keep all property and people in maximum safety. A simple risk analysis can easily assess the vulnerabilities in such locations, in order to identify the best solutions to reduce possible risks. The responsibility of the owners is huge, especially as the legal provisions oblige them to insure and protect their spaces against all dangers that may affect the proper conduct of professional activities. If you have a commercial space – store, pharmacy, supermarket, etc., here are the security methods you can approach to have everything under control:

Video surveillance system

The presence of surveillance cameras will discourage burglary attempts or thefts, so the probability that the location you manage will be vandalized or robbed will decrease considerably. A video surveillance system is ideal for constantly monitoring commercial spaces, from wherever you are, to see what happens during the program or at certain time intervals. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors, to provide an overview of the location and extra safety. The system is useful not only for constant monitoring, but also for identifying offenders and establishing exactly the circumstances in which certain events occurred, in the event of incidents of any kind.

Alarm system

Certainly, one of the best ways to secure commercial spaces is to install an alarm system. Whether it is a wireless or a wired product, the goal is the same, namely to increase the level of security by detecting and warning of burglary. It ensures a level of security impossible to overcome, especially since, by using GSM communicators, it allows total control of the system inside the location, but also remotely.

An alarm system can alert you in case of a break-in, but it is also very useful for preventing fires and reducing damage in case of floods. Sensors that identify a danger will notify you in a very short time, so you can act in time to minimize damage.

Access control and timekeeping system

This security method has a double role, respectively it limits the access of unauthorized persons in certain areas or rooms and makes more efficient the record of the hours provided by the employees through the timekeeping function. It is ideal in any commercial space, because it only allows access to people who use a special code, have an access tag or can enter that location based on fingerprint.

Such an access and time control system significantly reduces the possibilities of theft, especially since you will always know who enters the commercial space and at what time. The timekeeping part is useful for any entrepreneur who wants to have a clear record on the schedule of his employees, and at the end of the month to download an electronic table with the situation of hours worked by each person.

Automation system

Access by car in a garage or in the yard of a commercial space can be limited by installing automation for gates and doors. The system is operated via a remote control or even via mobile phone, if you opt for a GSM controller, and thus traffic can be restricted in the desired perimeter. Depending on the specifics of the space to be secured, a useful option for limiting access is the installation of road barriers.

The category of automation systems also includes window security. These are among the vulnerable points of a location, so that, for extra security, window automations can also be installed.

Interfon / Videointerfon

The basic function of these primary access control systems is to allow people to enter a location based on video-audio identification. An intercom / video intercom can be wired or wireless and controls remote access without actually moving to the door or gate. Stations can only be opened from the outside with a fingerprint, code or card, so these systems are very effective for the security of a space.

Fire detection and warning system

To avoid a real catastrophe, any commercial space must be equipped with fire protection systems. Detection sensors can quickly detect temperature changes or the presence of smoke, and the alert will be issued immediately to avoid destroying the location.
On our site you will find all the systems you need to implement the most important security solutions related to the security of commercial spaces. These devices are necessary in any location to carry out professional activities in good conditions and to limit access to sensitive areas.

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