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The importance of CCTV cameras during the pandemic

How important are CCTV cameras during the coronavirus pandemic?

The benefits of surveillance cameras are extremely important to ensure a quiet life in terms of security.
The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented increase in the need for technology and digital surveillance.
Security systems significantly reduce the rate of crime both in real life and from a cyber point of view.

Security, especially during the pandemic, requires the provision of constant information and warnings of possible risks.

During the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions on the movement of people had a positive impact on the online trade of security products.
The companies accepted the new normal of employees working from home, imposed by strict measures through the Military Ordinances, in order to avoid getting sick with the new coronavirus.
The diversity of theft attempts and attacks during the coronavirus pandemic increases with the lack of security systems.
Favored by this aspect, it is also the fear of the population and thus you must take optimal measures to increase security.

Benefits of installing surveillance cameras during the coronavirus pandemic

  1. Video surveillance networks bring advantages

Surveillance networks are currently coming up with analytics solutions that far outweigh the conventional security benefits.
One of the main functions of a video surveillance system is to provide security to those around you and at the same time comply with the basic rules regarding personal privacy.

Surveillance cameras will perform this basic function during the pandemic.
We must keep in mind that they operate at maximum levels only when the surveillance system is properly configured, when it operates in a network with internet access.

  1. Security cameras increase overall security

Strategically positioned security cameras help prevent crime and stop it.
With the help of surveillance cameras you can check and monitor that everything is fine, wherever you are.
By connecting to a mobile application, you can view real-time images and store information if you ever need to turn to the services of the competent authorities.

  1. Surveillance cameras protect against theft

Some people consider robberies to be opportunity-based crimes, especially during the pandemic.
But, statistics show that most robberies are actually forced forced entrances by breaking windows, vandalizing locks, hitting doors, and so on.
A good security system, by installing CCTV cameras, can be a discouraging factor for these types of crimes.

  1. Increase both comfort and personal safety at your property

When working from home, nothing compares to the feeling of peace and relaxation supplemented by a professional cameras system.
Regardless of the place you choose to work in your Property, you will be able to know who is in the outer perimeter of your property.

  1. You are safe when shopping

During this period, the coronavirus pandemic made the habit of going out for food or non-food shopping, a carefully thought out but restricted action.
You need to limit shopping as much as possible in places that are easily crowded. Use your outings only to buy strictly necessary, essential items.
Practice social distancing while shopping. The significant increase in online orders has led to an even greater desire and need for security.
CCTV cameras help you receive your orders online at home and thus know exactly who brings you the ordered products.

  1. Video cameras with body temperature detection system

To prevent illness, thermal imaging cameras represent fast, precision-free control.
Therefore, body temperature is one of the main indicators as a unit of measurement to control the spread of the new coronavirus.

The detection of people’s temperature is done with key tools in reducing the risk of spreading diseases. So, we are talking about a solution for measuring body temperature based on technology and artificial intelligence which consists in using surveillance cameras with thermal imaging.

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