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5 tips for preventing retail theft

Thefts during the holiday season? Here are 5 tips for preventing retail theft

Store theft is an old phenomenon that many traders who do not have security systems in place have been facing for years. The registered losses, accumulated at national level, are enormous. To help retailers reduce their losses we have listed (as a security company) a series of simple steps to prevent shoplifting.

Welcome to every customer

Greeting each client can have two roles. First of all, clients tend to become loyal to those places where they have been treated well, mind you. They gave the impression that they are welcome and will definitely return. Secondly, it proves to potential customers-thieves, that you pay attention to them and that you can easily identify them. Most of the time this gesture is enough to discourage theft. The biggest fear of a thief is to be caught and confront the owner.

Keep the store tidy

From a crowded and messy store it is much easier to steal than from a tidy one. If all products are carefully stored on their own shelves, it will be very easy to identify when a product is stolen. A bona fide customer will keep the product in view until they get home, instead a thief will suddenly become agitated and try to file the product. This will be immediately visible if the store is tidy.

Consider the look and feel of your store.

Although there are thieves who stole the product and ran away, most choose to stay in the store and hide the stolen item as well as possible (between personal clothes, handbags, etc.). For this, most of the time he will look for a safer place. Make sure your store does not make their work easier. Remove all unnecessary items that could impede visibility (false walls, mirrors in the wrong places). Ensure proper lighting in the store. Make it so that it can only come out through a magnetic check gate. Keep a clear record of the products that customers take to the test booth.

Put signs and documents to discourage theft

Store thieves usually look for defenseless targets. Most of the time these are small neighborhood shops, boutiques and the like that do not have the necessary resources to protect themselves properly by installing security systems. In some big stores I saw ads like “STORE THIEVES WILL BE HARDLY PUNISHED”. And this kind of announcement really works. This means that it can also work in small shops. Although it may not necessarily match the aesthetics of your store, it is an effective way to keep thieves at bay. You can put these signs on the wall next to surveillance cameras, because, statistically, thieves look more often at monitoring systems than honest customers.

Hiring a security guard

Of all, hiring a security guard (or a security guards company) is the most effective way to reduce losses. Security and protection agents act as an effective deterrent and will also act quickly and efficiently in a theft. By carefully monitoring the store, security guards can quickly identify all suspicious buyers, monitor their behavior and, if necessary, retain them. In addition, security agents can guard the store at night, thus having a protected property 24/7. Contact us now if you want to know how we can help you to ensure the safety of your store. Firecore Secure is at your disposal with a team of professionals and a wide range of security systems.

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