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Vehicle Hazards in Construction Sites: A Site Manager’s Guide

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Do you want to maintain a safe construction site? You may need to hire a traffic marshal.

Construction work is widely considered one of the most hazardous activities. The rate of injury is much higher compared to many other industries with over 58,000 non-fatal injuries each year in the UK.

Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death on construction sites after falls from height. To help reduce the risk of injury on construction sites, site managers and supervisors are required to follow specific safety precautions.

There are also many recommended best practices for maintaining a safe construction site, including hiring a traffic marshal.

At FCS, we offer reliable traffic marshals for maintaining a safer work site. Our trained professionals can help ensure a safe environment by coordinating the movement of vehicles and people around a construction site.

More information about our construction site traffic marshal service.

Here is a closer look at vehicle hazards and how a traffic marshal can protect against them.


Most Common Vehicle Hazards in Construction Sites

Employers have legal duties to reasonably protect the health and safety of workers. As part of these legal duties, site managers typically complete a risk assessment before carrying out work.

There are several different models for risk assessments. However, identifying potential hazards is almost always the first step. Some of the most common vehicle hazards in construction sites include:

  • Running over an individual
  • Overturning vehicles
  • Falling on or from vehicles
  • Being struck by a load from a vehicle
  • Malfunctioning vehicles
  • Colliding with objects or other vehicles
  • Being exposed to power lines or harmful objects

When evaluating the risk of vehicle accidents, think about the type of work and specific conditions that apply to the construction site. For example, not all sites involve exposure to power lines or outdoor elements.

Falls on or from vehicles are a common cause of vehicular injuries in construction sites. This may occur when climbing on or off a vehicle or when not following proper safety requirements, such as wearing a safety belt.

People may also be struck by a load from a vehicle. This can occur when using a forklift truck or a crane. For example, the load may fall from the vehicle, hitting a worker or a pedestrian.

Collisions with objects and other vehicles are also common causes of injury. These types of accidents tend to occur due to limited visibility, reckless driving, or uncoordinated traffic.


Running Over an Individual

Running over a person with a vehicle is the most common cause of fatal injuries. The victim could be another worker, a pedestrian, or the operator. Some of the reasons for these types of accidents include:

  • Poor visibility
  • Careless parking
  • Unsafe coupling of trailers
  • Inadequate brakes
  • Vehicle malfunctions
  • Untrained operators

Untrained operators often contribute to the potential risk of vehicular accidents. Drivers should be competent to operate the vehicles used on the construction site. They also need to be medically fit with good hearing, vision, and mobility.


Overturning Vehicles

Along with running over an individual, overturned vehicles are a leading cause of vehicular injuries. Close to one out of five workplace deaths involving vehicles are due to vehicles overturning.

Tipper lorries, tractors, compact dumpers, and forklift trucks are more prone to overturning due to their high centre of gravity. Working on uneven terrain or slopes and carrying unbalanced loads can also increase the risk of overturning.


Vehicle hazards in construction sites


External Factors Increase the Risk of Vehicle Accidents

Site managers should also consider external factors that may make vehicle accidents more likely. Based on the specific conditions of the site, some of the following issues may apply:

  • Rough or uneven terrain
  • Time pressure
  • Exposure to difficult weather
  • Workers from multiple contractors

These factors can make it more difficult to safely operate vehicles. The layout of the site may also impact the safety of the site. For example, workers may have a limited line of sight around large structures.

The economic cost of workplace injury was estimated at £1.2 billion in 2018. The previous year, two million working days were lost in the construction industry due to accidents and injuries.

Hiring a traffic marshal may help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your construction site. You can protect the health and safety of your workers and ensure that projects are completed on time.


When Should You Hire Traffic Marshals for Construction Sites?

Traffic marshals are recommended for any site that involves the use of vehicles. There are many types of vehicles on job sites, including:

  • Dumper trucks
  • Forklift trucks
  • Graders
  • Bulldozers
  • Bobcats
  • JCBs
  • Heavy goods vehicles

If your construction site requires the use of any of these vehicles, you should consider adding a traffic marshal. Traffic marshals, also called banksmen, can help assess the conditions of your work site and manage the flow of traffic to reduce hazards.

Some of the potential steps that the traffic marshal may carry out or recommend include:

  • Separating vehicle and pedestrian routes
  • Providing signage to warn of hazards
  • Designing one-way systems
  • Eliminating blind spots or tight corners
  • Locating traffic routes away from wiring or electric cables

Operators and workers also need to follow specific safety precautions. This includes driving at appropriate speeds for site conditions, performing vehicle inspections, and following any applicable safety procedures required by the site manager.

Traffic marshals are also recommended for any projects completed near roadways. Working near public roads where pedestrians or motorists may be present creates additional risks. Along with protecting workers, you need to monitor people driving or walking by.

With a traffic marshal on your site, you can establish routes and add proper signage to direct motorists and pedestrians away from construction activities.


Why Choose FCS Traffic Marshals for Your Construction Site?

To reduce the risk of vehicle hazards in construction sites, you need an experienced traffic marshal. At FCS, we have a team of highly trained individuals ready to assist with the safety of your work site.

Find out why more site managers rely on our traffic marshals for increased safety:

  • We have been in business for over 10 years
  • Specialise in serving the construction industry
  • We service the whole of the United Kingdom
  • We offer affordable rates for traffic marshals
  • Free, no-obligation quotes

Contact us today to request a traffic marshal quote!

The safety of a construction site depends on proactive solutions. Construction site managers need to carefully assess the risks and hazards of their specific sites. If your current or next project involves the use of vehicles, a traffic marshal could be an integral part of your safety measures.

We have over 10 years of experience providing dependable services to the construction industry. Along with providing traffic marshals to construction sites, we also offer security guarding and fire safety.

Construction sites around the UK have relied on our skilled professionals to maintain safer work environments. We ensure that the traffic marshal on your site has the necessary training and experience to assess risks, identify hazards, and maintain safer routes to reduce the risk of vehicle accidents.

We are also committed to your satisfaction. You can count on us to deliver excellent customer service from the beginning. We offer the most affordable, competitive rates in the industry and provide free quotes for every project.

Get in touch today to request your quote!

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