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What Are Fire Marshals?

Fire Marshals

Few words instil fear into a business owner quite like the shout of “fire!” and it takes only mere seconds before a blaze can wreak havoc on your construction site. The moments between a fire starting and someone taking action are critical and can be the difference between a quick 15 minutes of panic or the tragic ending of your entire business. Accidents happen but, ultimately, they’re avoidable with a fire marshal who has the right training and knowledge. 

There are more than 22,000 non-residential fires in the UK each year, with a large percentage of those happening in the workplace. As well as the very real risk of death that a fire poses, there’s also the huge potential cost to your business. In fact, the Chief Fire Officers’ Association estimates that 60 percent of private businesses never recover from a fire. 

From the relatively minor issues like the high cost of removing soot to the much bigger problems like physical and psychological effect on staff or damage to your equipment and buildings, even a small fire can be incredibly detrimental. 

And while it might seem enough just to make sure you’ve got enough fire doors and extinguishers nearby in case of emergency, a fire marshal is a business essential for ensuring the right course of action is taken before a fire even starts. 

What are fire marshals and why are they important?

A fire marshall is someone whose job is to dedicate their time to securing your construction site and keeping it safe from fires. They can minimize the risk of fire, especially in high-rise buildings and tower blocks, manage a safe and quick evacuation in the event of a fire and fill in all the blanks that you might not have considered. 

With a fire-based emergency, there doesn’t need to be an obvious flaw to your floor plan or layout. The slightest gap in the door or the smallest incorrectly-placed piece of machinery could result in a huge blaze in less time than it’s taken you to read this paragraph. Hiring an experienced fire marshal is the best way to combat this. 

Get in touch with our friendly team now for a free, no-obligation quote for fire marshalling

Fire marshals are one of the most important parts to your team because, thanks to their specialised training and knowledge of the Fire Safety Compliance act, they know exactly what to look out for. As well as relaying the best course of action in the case of an emergency, they can identify hazards ahead of time, allowing you to stay one step ahead of any issues. 

What are fire marshals’ main responsibilities?

A fire marshal will conduct a range of preventative and impact duties. Preventative measures include monitoring hazardous and flammable liquids, scheduling electrical safety checks, controlling any smoking areas and training or arranging fire training for members of staff. 

Impact duties, if a fire does occur, include efficiently implementing a pre-planned system to tackle the fire, containing the fire – if safe – by closing fire doors, sweeping each room to ensure all staff members and visitors are out and arranging a swift evacuation for anyone nearby. 

At Firecore Secure, we tailor every marshal to your exact requirements. We can inspect fire alarm systems and check escape routes, report and remove hazards, inspect fire-resistant doors and conduct fire drills. Leave it to us, and we’ll ensure that your construction site is safe from a blaze on a 24/7 basis.  

Our fire marshals work alongside your designated health & safety personnel, taking any specific measures or procedures into account when formulating your site’s bespoke plan. Fully trained, a fire marshal can then instruct other staff members on the protocol, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed. 

But that’s not where a fire marshal’s job ends. In the event of a fire, a marshal uses their technical knowledge and expertise to alert the relevant emergency services and to ensure all occupants within the building have been evacuated. They will assist an efficient and safe exit path, planned ahead of time. And, once everyone is safe and the blaze is under control, they’ll write up a full report of the incident. Even if disaster does strike, a Firecore Secure fire marshal is your best bet for minimising damage. 

How many fire marshals do you need?

Every business is different and the number of fire marshals required varies depending on the specific circumstances of the construction site and the number of employees. Our competitively priced service includes a risk assessment to accurately quote the number of marshals needed for your business, based on setting, demographics of your employees and whether you’re open to the public. 

Why should you choose Firecore Secure to supply your fire marshals?

No job is too big or too small for us here at Firecore Secure and we’ve been in the business for more than a decade. We offer 24/7 security guards as well as fire marshals for construction sites to give you peace of mind when you lock up for the night. With affordable rates and excellent customer service, we pride ourselves on being the best for protecting construction sites all over the UK from fire damage. 

All of our marshals are fully qualified and experienced, promising a proactive and highly professional service no matter the size of the blaze. Calm and composed, their natural leadership role restores order as quickly as possible. 

What else do we offer at Firecore Secure?

Along with having some of the most professional and highly trained fire marshals in the UK, we offer a large range of security guarding services as well as CCTV and access control systems

Our experienced security guards are based all over the country and can guard not only construction sites but also warehouses, retail units, events, vacant properties, airports, educational facilities and private or corporate concierges. Much like our fire marshal service, each of our security guards is tailored to your specific requirements and can guard your property on a 24/7 basis, 365 days of the year. 

As well as in-person security, we can also set up monitored CCTV systems. These combine an ultra HD image quality with live siren and offer an instant video transmission to our central monitoring station in case of any intrusion. Suitable for remote locations or sites with no mains power, this can be a cost-effective solution without the need for physical presence. 

We also offer biometric access control systems, adding an extra layer of security to your premises in the form of fingerprint readers, swipe cards, full-height or half-height turnstile/barriers and stand-alone or cloud-based coverage. Our years of experience in the industry makes Firecore Secure the most trustworthy option when combatting your security concerns. 

Our quality services will protect your premises and keep it safely guarded against the threat of fire. Here at Firecore Secure, we guarantee nationwide coverage, dedicated account management, excellent bespoke services and consistent reliability. 

Don’t delay – speak to our team today to ensure protection from fire to your construction site. 

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