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What are the most effective security measures for office buildings

Regardless of the specifics of the activity carried out by the employees of the companies it hosts, an office building requires a high level of security. Whether we are talking about the corporate segment, about companies in the creative industries or about banking institutions, professional secrecy is safe only if the integrity of IT equipment and printed documents is ensured. In the end, nothing is more valuable than human resources. Despite the large number of employees who choose to work from home, during this period, the floors of office buildings remain frequented by a considerable number of staff. From entering the building and throughout the time spent inside, people are the ones who need the most security.

What equipment will be installed outside the building

Regardless of the nature of the risks to which a building is subjected, due to the social and economic factors involved in its positioning on the city map, the security solutions that administrators and owners have at hand are flexible. If the presence of indispensable video surveillance equipment is a predictable fact, unwanted guests could more easily treat outdoor motion sensors. Able to detect objects and people at an angle of up to 90 °, over a distance between 0.5 and 35 meters, depending on the chosen model and settings, such a device has immunity to small animals and resists very good in the face of bad weather. The functionality of most models is guaranteed in the range of -37 ° C-70 ° C, and Super Multidimensional Analysis technology involves permanent perimeter scanning, with instant feedback to the burglar alarm control panel.

A scenario worth considering is that of a building that has an underground parking lot or arranged on the side of the building, in a dimly lit area. The motion sensors will alert you about the possible presence of people in the parking lot perimeter and will activate the lighting system, so that the video surveillance system can monitor as accurately as possible an unforeseen situation. For a full control of the access in the building, however, another vital equipment is needed: a car access barrier kit, with IP55 protection standard, which guarantees good operation in a temperature range between 25 ° C and + 55 ° C and excellent resistance to water and dust. With a length that varies between 5 and 8 meters, depending on the chosen model, this kit is adapted to heavy traffic, but keeps at a distance the vehicles that can be considered intruders, due to remote controls with internal security system, which prevents external signal cloning.

How office goods can be protected

Computers, external storage units, receipts, invoices, payment orders or entry and receipt notes – all these represent goods, respectively documents to which no one outside the company or institution must have access, and the first barrier in front prying eyes is represented by an access controller. A card-based operating system can control up to 16 unidirectional or bidirectional doors and uses a programmable control panel with intuitive software based on the Linux operating system.

Access control system for a one-way door

A biometric facial access controller can even offer the possibility of releasing fingerprint-based access, making this device ideal for legal entities with a high level of security in terms of data processing. With up to 5,000 different fingerprints and the ability to assign even 6,000 cards, such a system takes no more than 0.2 seconds to achieve facial recognition.

What sanitary and fire protection measures can be applied

As we said, human resources are the most important capital of a company, so it is perfectly justified to make specific efforts here to ensure a high level of security. This starts with choosing a fire station that can coordinate the equipment installed in 4 to 20 areas. Temperature sensors, smoke detectors, flame detectors and smoke barriers complete the arsenal of protection against a scenario that requires a timely cessation of the spread of fire.

Thermoscanner for detecting human temperature

The dangers to which employees and management are exposed during this period, however, are not always visible. A contactless digital thermometer, with infrared, guarantees a precise monitoring of the condition of all the people who enter the building, with an accuracy between 0.2 and 0.5 degrees Celsius. With an accuracy of 0.1 degrees, a thermoscanner for detecting human temperature represents the next level in terms of sanitary protection, due to the automatic alarm that facilitates the intervention plan of the building’s security staff.

With the right equipment and procedures known to all staff, each organization has the ability to ensure its security, both in terms of residents in large business parks and employees.

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