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Building Site Security in London

What do you know about CCTV Towers?

Our CCTV towers are pretty much what you’re picturing in your head!

 A standalone vertical tower that is locked securely. At the top of our towers you will find resolution CCTV cameras including full 360° angle of vision. The cameras are connected to our monitoring station, providing round-the-clock coverage. CCTV towers are used for many reasons. Our service allows you to have eyes on your construction site, car parks and vacant sites.  Our CCTV towers are common for effectively and reliably protecting your site from theft and unwanted intruders and break-ins.

No Main Power on your site?

FCS has all the security solutions that you require! Our remote CCTV towers are completely wireless, meaning they can be positioned wherever they are needed. The tower utilises its own generator, with some models operating on batteries or solar power. Operating under their own power, they are an ideal security solution for remote sites.

Where are CCTV towers used?

Our smart 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers are installed and fully operational in just a matter of hours, ensuring that your site is monitored and protected. The Firecore Secure 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers is a comprehensive site security solution which delivers considerable reductions in cost. Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers are an ideal solution for temporary and semi-permanent sites. Even though our product is ideal for construction sites, it is also highly recommended for:

Car parks

Shopping centres

Business parks

Retail parks

Industrial sites

Construction sites


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