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What Is Biometric Access Control and How Does it Work?

There are numerous ways to provide security for your home or office building, including ways to get into the facility in the first place. Many buildings, in fact, have ways to access the facility that include recognising a fingerprint or handprint from a certain individual before allowing that person inside. Although it sounds complicated, the system is relatively easy to get set up and to use. You simply record the information beforehand, and when you try to get inside the building from then on, that recorded information is used to recognise you and let you in. In most cases, the feature used to recognise the individual is something personal, such as a fingerprint or even the outline of their eye, and it works because these features are very personalised and allow for no mistakes because with fingerprints and other features, no two people are alike.

Getting Started with the Basics

If you’re wondering, what is biometric access control, it is really much simpler than it sounds. Biometrics always refers to body measurements or calculations that can be used to access certain facilities. You can think of it as an access control device. With a standard access control system, you are using a personalised code that recognises you and therefore allows you entrance into the building. It is a keyless entry system, and so is biometric access control. Biometric access control operates along the same principle except instead of a code that you enter, you simply hold up your hand or stare into a device to see if you are recognised or not. If the equipment recognises you, you will be let into the facility. Since these control systems require that you use a very personal feature that is usually part of your DNA, it is impossible for the wrong person to gain access to the facility, which makes this type of access control system a very efficient one indeed.

There are also two main types of biometric access control. The first is the physiological type, which include the following characteristics:

  • DNA.
  • Face.
  • Fingerprint.
  • Hand.
  • Iris.

The second type involves behavioural characteristics, such as:

  • A keystroke.
  • A signature.
  • A voice pattern.

Regardless of which one the company chooses for you to use, you’ll have to record yourself beforehand so that when you try to enter the facility, the control device will recognise you and let you in. Since no two people are alike when it comes to most of these characteristics, this is a very efficient way to make sure that only the right person is let into a particular facility. If your business consists of confidential information that you only want certain people to have access to, this type of entry system is perfect. Companies such as FCS and others offer these systems and will be happy to give you more details so that you can decide if they are right for you. They’ll also help get everything set up and answer all of your questions so that in the end, the system you choose is perfect for your needs.

A Very Detailed Entry System

After you choose which characteristic you’d like to use to let people in, there can still be differences within that particular characteristic. For instance, if you choose to require people to use their fingerprint to get access to the facility, you can choose between different types of fingerprints, that is, correlation-based, minutiae-based, or ridge feature-based. With fingerprints, the person trying to enter the facility will have to place his or her finger on the device exactly as it was when the fingerprint was being recorded so that these features can be analysed by the device. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds and in fact, it is a great way to make sure only the right people have access to your facility. Once the employees learn exactly how to place their finger on the device, they’ll know exactly how to do it from then on and therefore it will not take them long to gain access to the building each time.

Once you understand how this entry system works, it is easy to see why it is a system that is being used by more and more companies. Although sometimes a bit pricy to set up, it is a simple but extremely efficient system that doesn’t make mistakes and will never let the wrong person inside of your facility. Furthermore, the devices used to record your fingerprint, iris, or face are very accurate yet easy to use and comfortable for the employee. You can get set up in minutes and afterward, all you have to do is place your face or your finger in a certain spot so that the device will recognise you. It couldn’t get any easier for both the employee and the employer.

If you think these systems are complex or too expensive, think again. The companies that offer them work hard to keep their prices competitive, and companies such as FCS have years of experience so they can help answer your questions and design a personalised system just for your business. When your business is such that you need to restrict who gets let into the facility, choosing biometric access control systems just makes sense. But FCS offers more than these types of systems. They also offer SIA-approved security guards, closed-captioned television (CCTV) cameras, 24-hour live monitoring centres, fire detection systems, and all sorts of basic security systems. If you want your business to be as secure as possible, they can help make sure that happens every time.

The System Will Not Disappoint

Because these access systems are so exact and are personalised to a company’s needs, you’ll never regret choosing this type of system. They do not make mistakes because you are recording a person’s characteristics via a computerised device, and the good thing is that you can use these systems for a variety of businesses, from retail stores to corporations and hospitals to schools of all types. The system isn’t made just for one particular industry and therefore, it is a very versatile system that is easily adjusted to the demands of your particular business. That means you can set yours up anyway you want to so that it works quickly but efficiently day after day, year after year.

So when you ask yourself, what is biometric access control, the answer is simple. This is an access system based on some personal characteristic of the people who will be using it, and it is efficient, easy to use, and very versatile. Since they are computerised, the biometric access control systems are also very accurate and reliable. The companies that use these systems find them reliable and fast, which means employees can get in and out of different buildings and different rooms within those buildings without any problems. Companies such as FCS will make sure you get the system that is right for you so that you are not disappointed with the results you get from it. If you choose to purchase one of these systems in addition to another type of security device, your business is guaranteed to be extra-secure, which allows you to run that business more efficiently and safely and provides you with the peace of mind you need and deserve.

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