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What is Rapid Response Security? And Why Does It Matter?

Construction sites are more and more often becoming the target of criminals

With 92% of sites experiencing theft within the last year and as many as 20% of sites reporting weekly theft (Chartered Institute of Building Survey, 2016). During the recent Coronavirus lockdown, construction site crime rates have risen by as much as 50% due to the abrupt stop in activity overnight and the associated availability of unsecured equipment (Construction Equipment Association). Allianz Cornhill Insurance has estimated that all this theft is costing £800 million a year! But what is the most effective way to stop construction site theft?

Employing a private security company such as Firecore Secure FCS can massively reduce crime on construction sites, whether that be theft, trespassing, or even arson. Evidence shows the use of private security can lower crime by as much as 50% (Bruce Benson, FFE), due to the deterrent effects of both security staff and CCTV. Rapid response security uses both of these methods in combination, whilst saving you the expense of hiring permanent on-site staff. By choosing rapid response security, you ensure there are trained and experienced security staff ready to respond within minutes. With Police response times increasing to an average 7.5 hours for priority non-emergency calls in 2018 (BBC), rapid response security is more necessary than ever to ensure the safety of your construction site.

FCS sends out a rapid response security unit as soon as suspicious activity is detected, ensuring construction site attendance within minutes. Our security officers will alert the police as soon as necessary, but are trained to protect your premises and provide evidence to increase the likelihood of criminal conviction if any crime has been committed. All of our security officers are licensed with the Security Industry Authority (SIA), giving them legal authority under the Private Security Industry Act 2001 to guard your premises against unauthorized access, destruction, or damage. SIA licensing ensures our staff are safe, qualified, and accountable, as well as giving you the peace of mind that your site is in secure hands.


Another important aspect of rapid response security is CCTV coverage across your construction site. Nearly 64% of building sites feel installing CCTV has been either effective or very effective at deterring crime. The cameras themselves act as a visual deterrent for potential criminals, but the CCTV footage can capture crimes being committed and be used as evidence if needed. Installation can make convictions more likely, allowing businesses to recover any losses, however, adequate signs must be visible to ensure recorded footage is legal. Firecore Secure FCS has a team dedicated to monitoring CCTV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures any suspicious activity is detected immediately, and a rapid response security team can be dispatched quickly to maintain the safety of your worksite.


Installing CCTV can decrease crime by up to 21%, and is most effective at deterring theft, especially of vehicles (Welsh et al.). Vehicle theft is a huge problem nationally in construction sights; per 1000 sites, there are 200 thefts annually, with 135 of these being stolen vehicles (Commercial Victimisation Survey, 2015). Construction vehicles are more likely to be stolen than road vehicles due to their resale value, and 90% are never recovered due to their lack of identification markings and registration documents. Rapid response security ensures CCTV footage of any incidents is recorded, and a security patrol is available within minutes to intercept the vehicle theft before it happens. Firecore Secure has a range of CCTV options to suit your site; whether you need long or short-range cameras, wired or off-grid, we have something to suit your needs. Our CCTV solutions can reduce your security costs by up to 86%, as well as providing 360-degree views of your site and give an audio challenge when intruders are detected.

Construction sites are known to have a high incidence of workplace accidents, injuries, and even deaths; in a CIB survey, 90% of respondents stated they have witnessed health and safety neglect first-hand. At Firecore Secure we understand the challenges of a modern construction site and know the importance that sites put on staff safety. Our CCTV options allow for the monitoring of high-risk areas of sites, as well as the recording of staff timekeeping and behaviour. This process provides a rapid response to accidents and safety concerns, with our teams alerting the emergency services immediately, as well as the option to review unsafe behaviour with your staff members directly.

CCTV systems are also essential to reduce the chance of fires at your site. As all our CCTV systems are monitored 24/7 in National Security Inspectorate (NSI) gold-certified centres, any fires are caught immediately and the appropriate action taken. suggests as many as 47% of fires attended by the fire and rescue service are deliberate; our rapid response team is deployed at the first sign of trouble, reducing the chances of fires starting and limiting spread across your site. However, if a fire requires the involvement of the fire service we raise the alarm quickly and contact them directly, ensuring early attendance and reducing fire damage and losses. FCS is also one of the leading providers of fire safety systems in the UK; our rapid response security options integrate seamlessly with our fire evacuation and detection systems to keep your staff and premises safe.

Benefits of rapid response security 

Rapid response security is an excellent option for many sites, as it can save you money whilst still keeping you safe and secure. However, at Firecore Secure we offer many other services to help keep your staff, property, and premises safe. As well as our rapid response patrol staff, we employ a variety of professionally accredited security staff to protect your site at all times, including out of hours guards and even traffic marshalls. Our K9 units are suitable for sites where a higher level of visual deterrent is required, where there is a possibility that high-risk situations might occur. Our K9 units receive regular training and dog health checks to ensure they are equipped with all the necessary skills to defend your premises. Where controlling access to a site is important, our biometric control systems can be installed to your specifications under the direction of our experienced technicians. Whether you require half or full-height turnstiles, or a complex biometric finger reader system, our control systems will prevent unauthorised access to your site. In cases where fire is a big concern, we can provide automatic fire detection units, fire response and first aid trolleys that are mobile and changeable to your needs, and FIA qualified fire technicians to offer guidance on how best to protect your property.

Whilst we specialise in construction sites, we provide security and safety services in a variety of other sectors including events, retail, logistics, airports, education, and more. During this current global pandemic, we have helped to keep staff like yours safe by providing body temperature measurement systems and Anti-Covid19 disinfectant fog, assisting businesses in the UK to keep working and help the economy stay afloat. With over 10 years of experience in the business, excellent customer-focused service, and affordable prices, it’s easy to see why we are one of the leading providers of fire and security services nationwide.

For more information on how we can keep your premises safe and secure, contact us today for a free quote.

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