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What you need to know about monitored alarm systems so you don’t have unpleasant surprises…

If you have made the decision to set up an alarm system and conclude a monitoring and intervention contract with a security company, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

Know that you have made the best decision to protect yourself, your employees – if we are talking about a company -, or your loved ones if we are talking about your home. It is not a measure with a 100% protection coefficient, because there is no such thing in the real world, but you can rest assured that, unlike you, before when you had nothing, now you have done WHAT YOU NEED, and it is not small at all…

In the case of legal entities, the legislation imposes certain norms (Physical Security Risk Analysis *) to ensure physical security, but in the case of individuals the measures can be somewhat random, thus remaining only at your discretion and that of the one who installs your system.

When we talk about a burglar alarm system for your home, because for companies things are a little different *, you should know that you need devices (motion sensors or magnetic contacts) mainly on vulnerable points, ie access areas in the house: doors, windows or any other access way in the house. If these points are protected, then your home is fine. In general, most customers opt for a type of burglar alarm systems, with gradual protection in two phases.

Perimeter protection (doors and windows with magnetic contacts);
Total protection – Motion sensors that see movement if access is through a broken window (there are solutions for broken windows, but that requires more wires to the windows – it’s up to you!).

Why so ? Because during the night, you will activate only the part that includes the doors and windows (this allowing you access to the whole house without alarming the system) – perimeter protection, and if you leave home you activate the whole space – total protection.

Attention, no system will send an alarm signal to burglary (except for the one of panic or sabotage) to the monitoring dispatcher (ie to the Security company that monitors your system), if you do not arm / activate that system (from the code keyboard, from the button remote control or phone application, tablet – if you have one).

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