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What’s new with remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the most important tools within any security system. With the advancement of technology, this service has become even more essential, acting preventively against criminal acts.

A good security system is essential in the 11th most violent country in the world, and unfortunately it is UK that is bitter about this terrible position.

The good news is that technology is modernizing security systems, bringing a high level of personal and property protection with values that fit the most diverse budgets.

For those working in the segment, knowing these technologies is essential to provide a service that is efficient and justifies the amount invested by customers.

For you as a consumer, knowing the news of remote monitoring ensures a good purchase, after all, there are many companies that do not have the technological infrastructure to guarantee your security.

How does remote camera monitoring work?

Remote camera monitoring consists of the ability to monitor a remote environment using the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). This tool is the basis of any good security system, allowing preventive actions to be taken.

For this whole process to work correctly, it is essential that the correct technology is applied to the project. As we are talking about an image and audio capture service, the recording devices deserve attention.

On the market it is possible to find options for cameras with different resolutions, the simpler models have a lower quality in capturing the image, in addition to a reduced capture size.

In the most recent models, the quality of the image capture is true to reality, facilitating all the work of identifying a possible criminal, for example. In these latest models, there is compatibility with software that delivers monitoring to the most diverse devices, including Android and IOS systems.

In practice, these devices provide much more security within any environment. In addition to its effective action, registering images of the site 24 hours a day, the technology still intimidates criminal elements.

Hiring the remote camera monitoring service is essential in companies, for example, where the need for heritage preservation is enormous.

In the daily lives of people who travel constantly or spend the whole day away from home, remote camera monitoring is simply essential.

1 – High resolution cameras

One of the most significant advances in distance monitoring is the quality of the cameras responsible for capturing images of the location. Cameras that were previously restricted to photos with few pixels (dots that make up the image) and reduced capture sizes, now have full hd quality with full capture definition.

This high quality is far from being a purely aesthetic addition, the definition of the image recorded by the remote monitoring system allows the identification of any criminal individual.

In addition to the unquestionable functioning of the as a private security measure, the adoption of high resolution cameras still adds value to the construction

2 – Real-time monitoring by applications

Cell phones have become real pocket computers. With a few taps it is possible to chat with friends, shop online or even start a business from scratch. So, why not use this platform as a real monitoring center?

This is already possible.

The best security systems for remote monitoring already integrate the devices with the main digital channels. With the right technology, you can access your home’s monitoring cameras, for example, via your smartphone.

The best of all is that through protection against intrusions and access system with passwords, your access becomes unique and non-transferable, it is the maximum protection with the ease of the mobile.

3 – Cloud recording

Cloud recording solves one of the main problems with remote monitoring systems; file storage. Do you use the Cloud platform or OneDrive? If the answer was yes, then you already know the basics of cloud recording.

In case you don’t know, cloud recording consists of storing files inside external servers, transferring them over the internet.

This means that instead of keeping all your data in just one physical and vulnerable location, cloud recording allows digital storage with all the security barriers that prevent hacking and cybercrime.

In addition to being safer, cloud recording is also much more economical, discarding the need to purchase memory cards and other storage components.

Within a remote monitoring system, the cloud recording acts in the storage of the images, allowing immediate access in case of need to identify a certain recording.

If you want to know more about cloud recording on remote monitoring, read this great article on the subject: Monitoring service: Is cloud storage completely secure?

4 – Integration with the monitoring center

A complete remote monitoring service directly involves the presence of a specialized central.

The monitoring center is responsible for the use of information captured during the recordings. In the case of imminent criminal actions, it is the monitoring center that contacts the responsible professionals, whether public or private.

If you want to know more about the day-to-day life of a monitoring center, Prime’s team has prepared complete content on the topic: How does a 24H monitoring center work?

The advancement of technology allows the integration of recording devices with the monitoring center to be complete, which means that each recorded image will be transmitted in real time to the professionals of the center.

In practice, this speed in the transmission of information directly impacts the level of protection that the service can offer, after all, the faster the inhibitory actions of criminal action occur, the lesser the damage will be.

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