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Why is K9 security important?

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Why is K9 security important?

Firecore secure security dogs

Firecore secure k9 security handlers are fully trained and vetted.  It goes without saying that security dogs have a greater sense of smell and hearing than humans, which makes them a perfect tool for deterring all intrusions. Our trained security dogs offer a visual and audible scare factor which deters potential intruders, stopping burglaries from happening in the first place. Firecore Secure deploys highly trained and professional K9 security units to safeguard your site against any possible vandalism or theft. 

Malinois police dog and handler.
K9 Security

What does a security dog do?

Their job is to protect and guard premises and people. Security guard dogs help us as they offer protection and in most cases the feeling of safety. 

Having a K9 security unit present at your site sends a very powerful message to criminals and intruders. One that says your premise cannot be easily accessed without being caught by a dog unit. Our dog units provide a visual and audible deterrent, minimising any attempted burglaries or vandalism on your site. Our trained security dogs sense any movement and immediately alert their qualified handler. Our dog unit continues to display controlled aggression until the relevant authorities arrive. Our security guard dog’s natural sense and detect curiosity strangers, unusual noises and movements. Security guard dogs are incredibly reliable and intelligent and are enough to evaluate and solve situations carefully. 

Why choose k9 security for your site?

There are many different types of security services and products we offer when it comes to construction sites, offices, projects and general security. Our security dogs have proved and continued to be a safe option for security. Our security dogs have proved time after time there combination in security and loyalty which has made them an amazing protection tool for sites and other premises.  

Security guard dogs are incredibly intelligent especially when they have been trained correctly.  Our security guard dogs have the ability to pick up on voices and body languages and can understand a situation or can react accordingly to an emotion. Our security guard dogs have put them skills to good use and are able to detect and sense when there is danger. 

There really is no doubt that our dogs act as an effective deterrents to criminals. Not only do our dogs look and sound intimidating they are also professionally trained to out-run criminals if needed. Even though our security guard dogs are professionally trained to out run criminals however when they detect danger or sense a threatening situation they will naturally our run the criminals.

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