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5 signs that you need a new security guard for your office

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Security

Commercial security is a holistic security solution for commercial properties, their assets, and their employees that predicts and prevents any potential risks; and guards and protects these properties from the occurrence of fire, theft, vandalism, etc. This includes CCTV, fire security systems, security guards, mobile security solutions, and biometric access control systems. A recent addition to this list is body temperature measurement systems for COVID 19.

Can you avoid safeguarding your company? Yes, BUT that would mean incurring huge losses by exposing your property to damage from disasters, and criminal activities. Security service providers use manpower as well as sophisticated technology to ensure a safe working environment for your company. Better safe than sorry!

According to the Commercial Victimisation Survey, the wholesale and retail sector in the UK experienced 27,400 crime incidents per 1,000 premises in 2018. Therefore, it is extremely important to invest in security services in the long run as they help you to:

  1. Monitor Your Assets and Employees – Hiring a reputed security company will help you to monitor employee safety and employee work ethic. The security systems can detect intruders and security guards will make sure they do not enter the premises. Studies show that if employees feel safe in their workplace, and if they feel they are being watched, their productivity goes up. Additionally, you can also monitor your assets, inventory, office equipment.
  1. Track Your Business Activity and Premises – Hire a security agency so you can monitor your business remotely. If anything goes wrong, the security guards on duty will inform the relevant authority immediately and make sure they take the necessary steps. You can also use real-time reports and GPS tracking to track your business performance and tweak your business strategy accordingly. 
  1. Protect Your Premises from Suspicious Activity – Security agencies protect your assets from all suspicious activities. Their systems help to reduce crimes on site and protect your premises from thefts and vandalism. In case of any crime, the recordings will serve as proof to mitigate the risk in the future. Additionally, the vigilant security guards also help to prevent fire or floods by recognizing early signs. 
  1. Reduce Fraudulent Claims and Insurance Costs – Since security systems provide you with a recording for all activities on your property, you can drastically reduce fraudulent claims on your company and employees. These proofs also help to lower your insurance costs and you can benefit from your insurance in case of any mishap. Security systems and guards help to reduce the occurrence of such events.

In a nutshell, after you’ve figured out the operations of your business, the next logical step is to safeguard your company and its assets. 

How Can Commercial Security Help Your Company?

Would you like to save a ton of your business money? Invest in an efficient security system. To give you a better understanding of how it benefits your business, we have described two situations below:

  1. Illegal Activities on a Commercial Construction Site: If you manage a construction company, you have to make sure safety standards are met at all your construction sites, the raw materials and inventory are tracked properly to avoid any theft and that no illegal activities take place on the premises. It is practically impossible for you to be present on these sites 24/7. But you can’t risk your business as there’s a high level of investment involved. You can hire a team of licensed security guards for the main entry gate, appoint a well trained mobile security team to patrol on your site and install CCTV cameras. This way only authorized personnel can enter the property, and they won’t indulge in any criminal activities as they will be constantly watched. And if any criminal activity takes place, it can be identified early on and corrective action can be taken immediately. Also, you can track all activities on your construction site remotely, ensuring that the security systems are working well and mobile security is vigilant.  
  1. Fire Incident in a Warehouse: If you are a store manager of a warehouse, you have to make sure that your staff is working diligently, and your premises and assets/inventory are protected 24/7. If you’ve deployed no security system, an unforeseen event like fire can destroy all your inventory, and even take the lives of your workforce. Additionally, in the absence of any proof, you may not be able to claim a good amount from insurance. If you hire well-trained security professionals, they will patrol the premises continuously and record any unusual activity. If they come across any fire breaking out, they will report it to concerned authorities immediately. Thus, a reliable security system in a warehouse helps to prevent events like floods, fire, and even vandalism and theft.

Irrespective of the nature of your business, security systems can help you save lives, assets, and money!

How to Choose Your Security System

Follow these three steps to choose a reliable and licensed security system:

  1. Know Your Requirements: The first step is to understand your company requirements in detail. Think about the size of the company, the most valuable assets, assess the risks facing your business, assess the safety of the neighbourhood, etc. Your aim should be to hire a reliable and experienced, licensed commercial security company. 
  1. Pricing: The next step is to plan your budget based on inputs from step one. Hire an affordable but experienced and competent company. But do not compromise on the quality of services for a low cost. Make sure the company you hire has a reliable well-trained security force and offers real-time reports to help you track their performance.
  1. Customer Service: The final step is to ensure that the commercial security company offers availability and support 24/7. You want to hire a company that values their clients and are reachable when you need them. Hire a company known for its service.  

You can request for a free quotation and an initial consultation with Firecore Secure. They provide the best service all across the UK and have been serving their construction and commercial clients for more than ten years.


In these uncertain times, it only makes sense for you to safeguard and protect your properties, and assets. A security system is pertinent to your commercial property as it helps to monitor your assets, track your business remotely, protect your premises from suspicious activity, and reduce fraudulent claims. If you’ve just started your business operations, make commercial security a reality for your business. If you’ve been operating for a few years, you might want to upgrade your security system. This is important not only to prevent future losses due to uncertain events but also to benefit from situations that are beyond your control.

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